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All key players in sports and performing arts to help athletes embody health and wellness at the highest level of performance.


We educate, support & empower

  • Health professionals to treat athletes with eating disorders.
  • Sports professionals to identify and manage eating disorders.
  • Coaches & teachers to be positive role models for eating and body image.
  • Sports & artistic organizations to foster an environment that empowers optimal fueling and body confidence.

In sport and performing arts the importance placed on body weight, body composition and healthy eating habits can contribute to an increased risk of developing disordered eating.

That’s why at Dare to Fuel Performance, we believe that training the professionals and organizations who work closely with athletes in early identification, effective intervention and optimal management of eating disorders is the key to a healthy and strong sports system.


Alexia de Macar combines a PhD in Sports Nutrition with extensive experience in the field and Jodie Richardson has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and is co-founder of the psychotherapy clinic Connecte.

Working together with athletes and performers and consulting with teams and coaches for over 10 years has made them highly qualified to train health and sports professionals and consult with schools and sports organizations around the issue of eating disorders & performance.

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Lysanne Richard- Dare to Fuel Performance
“The biggest misconception is that disordered eating is just a normal sacrifice to make in order to be successful in many sports and performing arts”
Jodie Richardson, PhD, Psychologist
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